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All sea turtle species in our planet are endangered. The common identification and tagging systems have limitations and drawbacks. The photo-identification is an innovative control and recognition system based on picture analysis of the  head scales pattern (they are exclusive of each individual, as if it were a human fingerprint). Created by Neotropico Foundation, PITMAR (Sea Turtle Identification Program by its acronym in spanish) is formed by a computer algorithm and an associated database (with information, pictures and history of each specimen) that performs the work of photo-identification easily. The PITMAR is versatile, non-invasive, free, accessible online from anywhere in the world with Internet access and has been created with the support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Spanish Government through Biodiversity Foundation. The aim of PITMAR is to contribute to the conservation of sea turtles, facilitate research and promote international cooperation for optimizing tasks of control and monitoring actions during sightings registration, in breeding beaches and during rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction procedures.