Registration and use of the information

The use of PITMAR is completely free but, for safety reasons, requires a registry to grant access to database and the Photo-id algorithm.



(each level requires a registry)

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Visitors registry form Access to Access/Registry menu.

External User form Access to Access/Registry menu.


Official Letter for External Users request (standard format):

  1. Institution Name.
  2. Contact details (Complete postal address, country, phone number, e-mail, webpage).
  3. Institution Responsible requesting suscription of an External User (Name, surname, position in the Institution, e-mail and phone number).
  4. Proposed Username. Name, surname and e-mail of the external user. 
  5. Date and sign.

The registration requires to validate that you have read and accepted terms of use of the information, access to the database and use of photo-identification algorithm, and in addition that you authorize the storage of the data as the system user.

Once finished registration procedures, no later than 48 hours, you will receive an email confirmation of your data and you can access the system from that point.

When the resulting PITMAR usage information is subject to any type of publication (Ph theses, research projects, published work, studies, articles, book chapters, etc.), non to infringe protection of intellectual property legislation, it is required to indicate the origin of the data in a similar to the following:

This paper uses data taken from PITMAR: (accessing date).


We would appreciate the courtesy of being noticed of any publications using PITMAR data or identification algorythm.


Any behavior deemed inappropriate, in bad faith or distorting data will result in automatic ejection from the system, revocation of permits issued and the user elimination from PITMAR. If this circumstance arises we will communicate with the user using private email and will open a period of 15 days for possible claims.

For any questions you can use our email contact:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.